Have you ever been asked to sign a petition before? If so, the person asking was probably trying to accomplish one of three things.
  • Get a candidate on the ballot to run for office
  • Put a referendum on the ballot to change, or eliminate an existing law.
  • Put an initiative or idea on the ballot to be approved, or rejected by the voters in that city, county, or state.
Due to the large number of signatures needed to get anything on the ballot, sometimes the proponent of the issue will hire people to help in collecting those signatures for them.

Thus, you really can make money as an independent petition circulator. In fact, coordinators in local offices have all the material and information you need to get started. It costs you nothing and you set your own hours.

Join us, you'll meet fun people, help worthwhile causes and make money.

Latest compensation for Coordinators

There are often Special Offers for proven high producers and teams willing to travel!

How to Circulate Petitions

This video from Floridians for Solar Choice covers the basics when gathering petitions. They also offer tips on dealing with:
The Dream Signer
The aloof pedestrian
The rational skeptic
The argumentative jerk
The incessant talker

Newest Petition Offices

Innovative Minds Movement

Get paid to collect signatures from FL registered voters to get several initiatives to the ballot for the 2018 elections. All you need is a positive attitude, motivation, and a pen!

Pompano Beach, South FL (East Coast) View details
Children's Service Fund/Children Youth and Familes


Kansas City, Missouri View details
Public Policy Question 3rd Hampshire State Rep. District Massachusetts

Earn several dollars per signature collecting signatures in Amherst, MA

Petitions Everywhere

We travel cordinating the best intiatives across the nation.

Little Rock, North West View details

Managing a campaign and looking for skilled circulators?

We direct professional petition circulator to your local office!. Proponents, PACs and Candidates thinking about hiring a management company should contact one of the Consulting Firms at the bottom of this page.


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Paid bridges the gap between campaign Coordinators and independent circulators. By working together, we raise the perception and effectiveness of the ballot initiative process.